Teen BJJ: Alliance Eagles program for ages 12-15


Kids BJJ

The Teen BJJ program at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu is truly something unique and special. We offer one of the only pre-teen / teenage programs in Texas that caters specifically to this age group. Most teen programs are non-existent, as students this age often find themselves thrown into adult classes, or even put in classes alongside small children.


Tuesday/Thursday/Friday at 5:30 PM & Saturday at 9:00 AM


A technique-driven and curriculum-based BJJ program geared toward youth who are serious about the art of grappling. Using Alliance Jiu-Jitsu’s proven methodology, we offer the ultimate self-defense and sport grappling program for youth ages 12-15. Competition is a big part of our Eagles program, but it is not required.


A Teen-specific BJJ program is not something one may find often. This “in-between” age group often gets overlooked. As is often the case, pre-Teen and teenage youth end up feeling out of place in classes with very young children. Even more unfortunate still, they often quit BJJ altogether, looking for something that will allow them to be around their peers.