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Muay Thai & Kickboxing with team C4 Muay Thai

Why Muay Thai, or the “Science of Eight Limbs” is one of the most effective self-defense systems ever developed. Come see how training Muay Thai can turn your body into a lean, mean, fighting machine- all while you have fun doing it! Our students and coaches are extremely welcoming, friendly, and eager to help you achieve your goals.

Join us for your $19 TRIAL WEEK or FREE trial class today by calling our officschedulehedue: 817-503-1993 or send us an email:


Why Muay Thai? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Group training is more motivating
  • Learn new skills each session
  • Challenge yourself to achieve new levels of skill and mastery
  • Practice self-defense to build confidence
  • Reduce fear and insecurity
  • Martial arts practice can be a great tool for personal development and growth to new levels of consciousness
  • Push for new levels of fitness and athletic prowess


  • Will I get hurt? Not likely. The practice is designed to meet you where you are, and slowly build your skill, knowledge, and physical conditioning at a safe and healthy pace.
  • What equipment will I need? The academy provides all equipment necessary for initial training upon sign up.
  • Am I too old/young? Our class ages range from 15 yrs on up. There is no such thing as “too old.”
  • Will you train me for a cage fight? Perhaps. This is a common question that we get. More often than not, your level of readiness to fight is more mental than physical. Are you willing to put in the hours of training necessary? Day in and day out the going gets tough. Do you have the mental discipline and physical toughness to take up this task? It is more up to the individual’s actual desire, understanding, and knowledge of the training and what fighting actually entails.